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My friend recently vlogged 'The Mummy Tag' where you answer 20 questions about your family so I decided to make one for multiples.


If you'd like to add yours here are the questions:


  1. How many children do you have and how old are they? 

  2. At what gestation did you find out you were having multiples and how did you feel about it?

  3. What type of multiples did you have? (di/di mono/di etc) and how were you monitored?

  4. How was your pregnancy?

  5. Tell us about the birth (short version)

  6. How did you sleep your multiples

  7. What kind of car do you have?

  8. What kind of carseats did/do you use?

  9. What is your one must have item for multiples

  10. What is your favourite thing about having multiples?

  11. What is your least favourite thing about having multiples?

  12. What is the stupidest comment or question you’ve had?

  13. Where is your favourite place to take your children. (family friendly cafes, parks etc)

  14. What is something you wish you’d known before they were born.

  15. What piece of advice do you have for other parents of multiples.


Feel free to add anything else you think our members would be interested in and email Liz the link at

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