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Multiples Otago is affiliated to Multiples NZ, the national support organisation for multiples, and, as a member of Multiples Otago you are entitled to Multiples NZ benefits. 

To gain access to some of the content on the Multiples NZ website you need to have a Multiples NZ login.  We email out the login details when you join and/or renew your membership as well as whenever Multiples NZ change the password. Instructions for a sucessful login are available here.  If you need the current log in details please email

Log in details

The Multiples NZ website has electronic copies of Multiple Matters, the magazine published quarterly by Multiples NZ which you can access and download. You can also browse the wide range of Multiples NZ nationwide discounts. Although the website is still being developed, there is already a lot of fantastic information about preparing for and parenting multiples like:

Multiples NZ also manage a number of different Facebook groups. The main support group for parents of multiples, Multiples NZ, and some more specific groups:

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